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Our core talents include media and events marketing, sales, government  relations, strategic partnerships, and creating unique experiences that elevate your brand.

Stunt Maker Sally

I do Tricks new dogs can’t do.

Sally likes to show off. Whether it’s a concert, festival or a boring old business conference, she gets a kick out of making it an experience. You will catch her creating out of the box, eye catching installations and bringing unique entertainers to her events. Her PR stunts is where she really shines, and boy is she competitive. If your challenge is getting eyeballs on your project or brand, she’s the aggressive pug for the job.

Stunt Maker Sally, a glamorous pug with a pink bow headwrap and an ostentatious gold necklace with a huge dollar sign pendant

Political Pauly

I bring the Capital to your back yard.

Pauly is a bit of a brown-noser, so naturally he has tons of friends. Pauly likes to rub elbows with politicos, CEOs and media outlets, so expect for them to show up for him. He has experience in government relations and likes to remind you of how important it is with your brand, whether on a federal or state level, or specific associations that you should have partnerships with. He has a way with relationships and uses his talents to get the meetings needed to move forward.

Political Pauly, a smart pug wearing square glasses and an American flag bow-tie

VIP Vinny

You will want to be the VIP at your own party.

Vinny is sort of a snob. He makes certain that everything is perfect and memorable. He is a bit showy but with does it with class. Vinny has a white-glove approach and executes with excellence whether it’s a big event, important client presentation, or VIP mixer. Vinny understands the importance of pre and post communication and will not stand for anything less than unforgettable. Vinny believes most people have short attention spans (unlike him), so you better get it right the first time.

VIP Vinny, a very distinguished gentleman of a pug wearing a handlebar moustache, a gold monacle, a dapper top hat and a dotty bow-tie

The Closer

Try telling this face No.

We don’t speak about The Closer much because he doesn’t like it. In fact, we have more than one. Our Closers consult on very specific projects where they can utilize their years of experience in media, government, mergers and acquisitions, finance, business development and sales, for pug clients. Why? Because they love us and they’re loyal. When The Closer moves in on a project, he/she runs it as if it was their own business. You want The Closer on your side.

Closer, a cool looking pug wearing black shades and a black tie with a smart white collar

Need any

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